August 11, 2015

At #TeamTrust, we love talking about the differences between wines that have a cork versus a screw cap. The arguments are vast, colorful and often heated. Some argue about price differences while others talk about the environmental impact. We all know the phrase “aging like a fine wine”, but how does the enclosure of a fine wine impact how well it ages?

Let’s relate this question to oak (because that’s what most of our thoughts entail ???? ) Hungarian oak comes in many shapes and sizes, and we supply oak to winemakers based upon their goals for the wine. This means that some wines are aged in a Hungarian oak barrel while others are aged using Hungarian oak alternatives. The commercial reality is that wines created using Hungarian oak alternatives are consumed faster, and these are typically screw cap wines. Hungarian oak barrel aged wines tend to last longer as the overall oak impact has a longer life as well. As a result, wines that are intended to last often have a cork enclosure.

This does not solve the argument about which one is better, cork versus screw cap. However it does add to the discussion and our mission at #TeamTrust is to ensure that the discussions surrounding great wines and Hungarian oak never stop.