June 20, 2015

Congratulations on checking out one of the most innovative blogs in the oak industry, Oak Notes! As we sat down as a team to decide about which features to add to the new Trust website, we decided that a blog was an imperative part of the new site. At Trust, our commitment extends beyond creating high quality oak products, as we also want to ensure that people in and outside of the industry are well informed about all things oak! As a result, we want to share some facts about oak as a means of kicking off the launch of the new Trust website:

– There are over 100 different compounds in oak, and all of them drastically impact the products they interact with such as changing the flavor, mouth feel, color and much more.
– Sustainability is a critical part of the process at Trust, and as a result nothing goes to waste at our facilities. We use all parts of the oak that is used to create barrels, and the remaining oak is used for items like wood chips, and even fire starters.
– The amount of surface area of oak integrated with alcohol, such as wine, drastically changes the fermentation process, ultimately changing the end result.

We could go on for days about fun oak facts, but make sure to continue reading Oak Notes as we deep dive into the key areas that you need to know about oak when making key business decisions.